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Shopfronts Manchester provide high-quality, durable fire exit doors for customers in Manchester and Greater Manchester. Fire safety precautions are an essential part of a building and high-quality, reliable fire doors are one of the most important aspects of this.

Fire Exit Doors & Steel Security Doors in Manchester

If you are in need of Fire Exit doors in Manchester, we are on hand to help. We design, fabricate and install Fire Exit doors for both residential and commercial purposes. Shopfronts Manchester’s Fire Exit doors are fabricated to the highest standards by our expert team of manufacturers, we only use industry leading materials for our products to ensure reliability and integrity of the Fire Doors.

Fire Exit doors play a crucial role in the safety of the people who reside within or work a building. Fire Exit doors that are in need of repair or maintenance can pose a potential safety risk so it is important that work is done quickly and effectively. Shopfronts Manchester provide a maintenance service to ensure that your doors stay in optimal condition and meet health and safety guidelines whilst most importantly keeping people safe incase of emergency.

Some of the key features of our Fire Exit Doors include:

• Made from Zintec treated steel to resist corrosion
• The leaf is 45mm thick manufactured from 1.2mm thick steel (heavier duty door leafs are available made from 1.5mm & 2mm thick steel available as an option)
• Doors are fitted with an integral anti jemmy strip
• Doors have an integral bonded dufaylite honeycomb core that give the doors great rigidity which prevents twisting (rock wool insulation is available as an option)
• The frame is made from 1.5mm thick Zintec coated, and have an internal hinge chassis system with a 90mm single rebate profile
• A minimum of 4 BS EN 1935 20002 grade 13 stainless steel hinges are fitted (6 on larger doors) a minimum of 6 no 17mm solid steel dog bolts, with a DDA compliant threshold.

Fire Doors Manchester

All of our doors can be supplied unpainted or in a Grey Prima finish for site painting (within 48 hours) or with a standard powder coated coloured finish with a 3 year anti corrosion warranty. We also provide an extra long life powder coated coloured finish with a 10 year warranty which is available as an option.

If you have any questions about our Fire Exit door installations in Manchester and the North West please contact a member of the team today and we will be happy to help.

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